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 One of a Kind

Spring 2015

As Spring comes to fruition this year, I have found myself turning to new tecniques and styles, opening up my creative spirit and inspiration. Spring is a time of birth and renewal, and I am excited to share this new collection as a renewal of my creative process. With the use of forged and textured plates of gold metal combined with wire wrapping and gemstones, I felt that these pieces began to resemble stregth and beauty balanced together in a classic feminine style. Each piece is named after a Norse Goddess, resembling strength, beauty, and power.  

Idunn Necklace and Spiral Rings
Freyja and Meili necklaces
Spring Collection
Sigynn Earrings
Asmund Bracelete
Zisa Earrings
Spiral Rings
Idunn and Freyja
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Emily Gibbons Jewelry

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