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After studying as a painting fine arts major at Texas State University, Emily discovered the art of jewelry design based on the need to create while lacking the space for her paintings. As a self taught jewelry designer, she is fortunate to be able to rely on  her own imagination and innovative style for her elegant and eye catching collections. Her style  has been described as a blending of a  free spirited bohemian with an organic, modern, sophisticated sense.

     Emily’s desire to create comes from deep within her spirit, and she revels in the process as a piece organically takes its form and shape. With a careful consideration of the energies and powers of the gemstones she incorporates into her jewelry, Emily brings a depth to the jewelry that goes past the beauty of the piece, and deeper into intentions and affirmations that the stones posess.  The beautiful natural surroundings of her home in Central Oregon offer a variety of inspiration, ranging from  wildlife, mountains, desert, and ancient rivers. With a desire to give women jewelry choices that are beautiful, classic, and transitional, she works single handedly in her studio in Bend, Oregon creating every piece from its first conception to the final product.


Emily Gibbons Jewelry

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