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the energies of the gemstones in this pendant are powerful and positive. The center stone is a strong dark Quarts Crystal which is used to build power and energy while also creating clarity for the wearer. Pyrite is an Earth element gemstone resonating with fire energy that promotes creativity, helps to stimulate one into action, and brings vitality to the wearer. 

This one of a kind Geometric Pendant is inspired by the centerpiece of dark Quartz Crystal. The haunting tones that reflect and transfer light are captivating, while the brightness of the Pyrite gemstones accent and bring dimension for the pendant. This piece is hand forged and wire wrapped in 14k gold fill. Each piece of pyrite is individually hand woven into the frame. The pendant is about 2" long and 1 1/3" wide. The chain is 14k gold fill and hangs at 16". If you would prefer the chain to be longer, let us know by contacting us through the website. 

Pyrite and Dark Crystal Pendant Necklace

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    Emily Gibbons Jewelry

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